Fans Praise Lisa Bonet’s Taste in Men After Lenny Kravitz Wishes Jason Momoa Happy Birthday

Fans Praise Lisa Bonet’s Taste in Men After Lenny Kravitz Wishes Jason Momoa Happy Birthday

“When your fine ex bae send your fine new bae a Happy Birthday post,” wrote one fan.

As soon as Lenny Kravitz wished Jason Momoa a happy birthday on Instagram, fans quickly came together to agree on one thing — and it really wasn’t about either man.

At the same time, it was entirely about both men. But mostly it was about Lisa Bonet having chosen and landed the two hunks at differing points in her life.

There must have been something about that black-and-white image of Kravitz and Momoa standing together, the latter smiling into the camera with a twinkle in his eyes while the former was bohemian chic with untied bowtie and killer shades trying and failing to hide both how cool he is and just how damned sexy.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

“Happy birthday @prideofgypsies,” Kravitz captioned the image. “One family. One love.”

Momoa and Bonet married in 2017, after a twelve-year relationship. They share two children, a daughter born in 2007 and a son born a year later.

Bonet is also the mother of Zoe Kravitz, with Lenny Kravitz, who was a teenager when Momoa and Bonet first came together, creating the blended “one family” her father is talking about.

A stunningly beautiful blended family, at that.

Hilariously, neither Momoa nor Kravitz trended after the sweet birthday message. Instead, it was Lisa Bonet who began to rise up the trending topics list on Twitter. She scored praise from fans for their beautiful and harmonious blended family, and for the beautiful men who make it up.

“Community” star Yvette Nicole Brown was extremely blatant about singling out Bonet for praise, even though it was her husband’s 41st birthday. “Good evening to #LisaBonet and only Lisa Bonet,” she hilariously captioned her response to Kravitz’ image.

It was actually a beautiful tribute to Bonet inspired by Kravitz’ post. Many were quick to point out that it was she who attracted them, and not just because of her external beauty.

It’s who she is as a person and her energy that has kept both men in her lives to the point they’ve clearly become friends themselves. While Bonet may be lucky to have landed two such stunning men, they’re just as lucky to have landed her.

Good evening to #LisaBonet and only Lisa Bonet. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 https://t.co/vyI5cuTLpb

— yvette nicole brown (@YNB) August 1, 2020

Everyone think Lisa Bonet is lucky and she is but she’s obviously special and Jason and Lenny are the lucky ones 😍 pic.twitter.com/fFPnV5tI6G

— Since1985 (@Since19854) August 1, 2020

Acting surprised like Lisa Bonet isn’t Lisa Bonet…who wouldn’t wanna keep her in their life 🤨🥰🤨🥰👑👑👑👑 pic.twitter.com/AcCft1XVfE

— 🍉💋WatermelonKiss💋🍉 (@Stylinonem104) August 1, 2020

When your fine ex bae send your fine new bae a Happy Birthday post…Lisa Bonet pic.twitter.com/uG9qkLh0SW

— Nikki C (@AlterEgoNikole) August 1, 2020

Sometimes I wonder what Lisa Bonet did in a past life to be able to land both of these incredibly sexy men in her life. She must have very good karma. pic.twitter.com/9mXY6h9pFi

— Samantha (@erin_samantha07) August 1, 2020

If life is a game Lisa Bonet has already won https://t.co/SUlZ7u6eKB

— Rachel Schneider (@Rachel13abc) August 1, 2020

Lisa Bonet needs to give us her prayer transcripts right along with Ciara. A Ted Talk would be nice too https://t.co/ndikRpEanN

— Jenn Jenn (@JennMonay) August 1, 2020

Let’s not get it twisted, Jason Momoa & Lenny Kravitz are the lucky ones. It’s Lisa Bonet 😍 pic.twitter.com/m4mJu0Zcom

— Mychal (@mychal3ts) August 2, 2020

How Lisa Bonet flexin on us and she not even in the damn pic 😂 pic.twitter.com/XWnETWTHwS

— Nicole Perez (@nicole_perez1) August 1, 2020

— BLACKLIVESMATTER (@_402Drew) August 1, 2020

My type is basically men Lisa Bonet would date. https://t.co/5cRSiJVUbr

— BlackPink Apologist (@kat_blaque) August 1, 2020

Lisa Bonet needs to write a book on A-game. She got it. pic.twitter.com/qBEPORlD94

— Staying in the Game (@AdrienneLaw) August 1, 2020

I’m coming back in my next life as Lisa Bonet and you can’t talk me out of it

— Megan Thee Masked (@americanmegalo) August 1, 2020

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